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Spring wound music movements have been entertaining people for centuries, starting with very simple and small mechanical movements and growing into large and elaborate instruments, incased in some of  the world's most beautifully decorated cabinets.

For the most part, there are two basic music boxes. The first and oldest type, is the cylinder box whose comb teeth are plucked by small pins protruding from the cylinder that create the wonderful music. The second is the disc music box, whose comb teeth are plucked by small star wheels driven by tiny protrusions extending downward from the bottom of the disc.

Normally, the cylinder music box can only play the tunes that are pinned into the cylinder that originally came with the box when purchased, while, on the other hand, the disc music box is capable of playing hundreds of tunes, simply by replacing one musical disc with another, similar to the way a record is changed on a record player.

I have been repairing music boxes for many years now and can do all necessary repairs needed to return a music box back into it's original condition.

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